Monday, 16 January 2012

Why Am I Trying To Arrest You?

Meet PC Stout, A police officer in London who really did make a tit out of himself!
Working in the Edgware Road area PC Stout decided to stop this cyclist after claiming that he ran a red light.
Unimpressed with the officers reasoning for the stop the guy filming this unfolding cycling drama asked the officer what he was trying to arrest him for, PC Stout "didn't know!".
Stout soon begins to realise that he is fighting a losing battle here so pulls out all the stops, insisting that the man produces identity documents and all kinds of crap! Even asking for a passport!

The guy who was obviously way more educated than the copper pwns this crooked cop to the max.

What a beautiful sight!

Shame that because of PC Stout's uber embarrassment that he felt the need to lunge for the poor guys helmet camera... Maybe he figured that the film was going straight on Youtube!

Good work Sir!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

part of your comment isn't allowed to be posted :(

So it's a bad news day and as reported earlier on in the day Yasha Swag has made internet stardom by becoming one of the most influential Youtube rappers of all time, so why not report on that right?

Throughout the last 24 hours this guy has become an internet sensation! Bringing us hits like:
So why not follow this guy, buy his albums and purchase his ITunes hits?

Because he is shit, that's why, goodnight all, hope for some decent news tomorrow!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Yasha Swag - Go Go Go - Official - There's No News Today!

Honestly there's nothing good today, nothing worth reading, nothing worth writing about, unless it's something to do with the Scottish Independence Referendum or Mitt Romney, but really I'm not that cruel so I'll spare you all today!

So let's have one of those "you rage you lose" Youtube moments shall we?

Sorry but this made me laugh so thought I'd share.
If anyone can explain in the comment box below what 3:16 onwards is all about with the tongue actions an all then please let us know!

P.s if you want to read about Mitt Romney or Scotland's push for independence feel free to check the links below!

$1.3 Million For Baby Blue and Beyonce?

1.3 million dollars? SERIOUSLY??

This is one of those stories that makes me rage that hard that I feel like picking up this new laptop and smashing it so hard into the tv that the tv flies along with the laptop through the double glazed window and falls in great blaze on the pavement outside.....

But I will attempt to keep my cool and write about it anyway :S wish me luck!

So man hating Beyonce (Ever listened to the lyrics in her songs?) and that weird looking "rapper" Jay-Z had a sprog a couple of days ago and called it "Blue" (only a rich ass pair of parents would think of a name like that).
Rumour has it is that the hospital where "I shake my ass too much" Beyonce had her baby was practically transformed to the price of $1.3 million to cater for the "huge event".
But with the bullet proof doors which were fitted and elaborate gifts and crap aside, normal people who were also at the hospital were pretty much "locked down" as they put it while this whole fiasco went on just as a security measure for Beyonce and her baby.

Lennox Hill hospital in New York where the motto on the buildings exterior says "Smart People" <<< your joking right? was basically redesigned for this couple to ensure that even during one of the most natural things in the world still felt like a Hollywood catwalk.
Whilst in the process of giving birth and staying a short while afterwards ordinary people were basically forced to deal with that fact that there were VIP's upstairs and they had priority.

What a pathetic pile of w**k.

Sorry but at the end of the day if these moron celebs want to spend money like that then fair enough, but to make other people suffer as a result of your materialistic and lavish lifestyle? Meh... seriously that really gets my heckles up.

Swear to god if I was one of those expectant parents at that hospital over those few days I would have raged so hard that I would have been handcuffed for sure.

Maybe you can tell I'm slightly perturbed about this :S

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Drink Driving Is STUPID - Just Another Reason Why!

Escape... So close YET SO FAR!
So your off your nut, drunk to hell, get into a car with your friend and get chased to the end of a pier by the cops.... What do? Well why not ask a 28 year old Cali man, he thought it would be a great idea to jump off the pier, into a cold sea and make a swim for it!

The guy unbelievably managed to get away, the only problem?
The "friend" (maybe not so much now) who was left in the car and got caught gave the drivers full name and address... the lot!

Gutted but that's what you get for drink driving!

This happened at Pacific Beach, north of San Diego at around 2:30am and the guy who has not yet been identified took to the sea wearing jeans and T-shirt. Coastguards, lifeguards, helicopters, the whole shebang were deployed but the man couldn't be found in the dark.

The man's family later contacted police just to let them know that he was about to hand himself in at the local police station.

Maybe lesson learned the hard way, but I'm sure as soon as he hit that cold water he sobered up pretty fast!

Oh Dear... There Goes Another Shop Window!

We love stories like these, it's a short one but this is the moment a wild dear smashes through a shop window in New Jersey.

Security camera's captured this phenomenon as the dear runs from the far end of a parking lot and powers it's way through the shop window. Dazed after the smash the dear quickly recovers to it's feet and escapes just as quick as it appeared!
From what we can understand the dear got away unharmed!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Man vs Leopard - Guess Who Wins!

Hair Raising Experience
This is the terrifying moment when a wild leopard in North East India attacks a man in his home, swiping at the man with it's massive paw and scalping the poor guy!

Startled the guy who is yet to be named, came out of his bedroom and found the wild animal roaming around his house! This guy came out worse but reports suggest that upto 3 other men who were in the house were injured also.

Experts believe that the huge leopard ended up in the city of Guwahati in the hunt for food, the animal was tranquillized and taken to the nearest zoo.

I suppose on the brightside at least this beautiful animal wasn't killed as a result of the attack, gotta feel sorry for the guy in the picture though, that looks one hell of a gash!

Bungee Fun Until You Hear That Snap!

The title says "snap" but for this Australian girl we could have nearly been writing about a different kind of snap!
Not only did her bungee cord break 110 meters above a stream leaving her in a furious nosedive towards the water but the water she was heading for was crocodile infested and could have left her for dead! As I said, possible SNAP x2 detected!

Erin Laung thought she was going to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience whilst on holiday so booked a bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.
But things went horribly wrong when the bungee snapped and Erin found herself plummeting to earth and hitting the water hard.
Erin was then left with her feet tied, being swept away by a strong stream where after several seconds the remainder of the cord snagged on rocks and pulled her under water in the current.

Eventually she was rescued and taken to hospital, amazing with only cuts and grazes, doctors are surprised that she got off so lightly!

The company that owns the bungee jump expedition explained afterwards that the cord had been replaced and insisted that bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge was safe.

IMO... no chance would you see me doing a bungee jump! and no way would I do it at Victoria Falls Bridge! Did you see that video where she hit the water? Not a chance in hell would I risk my life lol

Then again I've always been one that is happier with my feet firmly on the ground thanks ;)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Lorry vs Ice Pond

This video takes Ice Road Truckers to the extreme as it shows the dangers of ice and snow and also illustrates just how lucky the driver was to make it away from there with his life!

The truck slid off a road in Monticello, Minnesota, and thankfully the emergency crews were soon on the scene to take the driver to hospital to be treated for minor injuries.
Unfortunately for the truck and it's load it is stuck where it is for now while recovery teams work out how to get the thing out!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Fireworks Fail!

Check out this NYE fireworks display that went wrong at a resort on the South West coast of Thailand, thankfully no one was hurt in the accident...AMAZINGLY!

The show that was supposed to last a good few minutes only lasted a modest 30 seconds!

We all love fireworks fails!

Ed Miliband Loved Blackbusters?

When Auto Complete Goes Bad!
You'd think that one of the top MP's in UK Government would check what he's sending on Twitter before he actually goes ahead and click that "Tweet" button, but obviously not!

Ed Miliband is the latest government official to make a huge blunder this week, and I'm sure that today he may have put his head in his hands a few times!

Attempting to pay tribute to the late Bob Holness who died today at the age of 83 he sent out a Twitter message to his 115,000 followers: "Sad to hear that Bob Holness has died. A generation will remember him fondly from Blackbusters." 

Yeah Ed that should have been "BLOCKBUSTERS"!

Maybe they should invent a new law insisting that well known celebs and government officials with over 5000 followers should not be allowed to compose Tweets from smartphones, afterall, statuses like this aren't exactly "smart"!

One of Ed Milibands Westminster chums Diane Abbott was in the news only a few days for a blunder on Twitter, although causing a race row out of it she was well aware of the statement she was making!

Embarrassment for the Labour leader, sarcasm and humour for the Twitter Nation #Edmilibandgameshows

Khan Lashes Out Again About Peterson Fight Fail

Did this man affect judges decision?
Most know about Khan's big drawback last December when he took to the ring in Washington D.C and lost to a remarkable Lamont Peterson, and you could be forgiven for saying that maybe Khan acted a bit butthurt about the decision after 12 rounds which say Peterson take away the world titles.

But new footage has been released today of a mystery man floating around the judges table, seemingly interfering with paperwork and proceedings in general.

After Khan returned back home he said that he had reviewed the tape several times as many sportsmen do to review their performance, but in the process spotted what seemed to be something very fishy, he and his camp have submitted a complaint and are not stressing "We want answers".

It is expected now that the President of the WBA should respond to Khans allegations within the next 24 hours, Robert Smith, chief executive of the British Boxing Board of Control, said it was too early to take a view without "all the facts", adding: "Obviously we need to find out who this unidentified individual was."
Meanwhile Peterson is insisting that Khan would be "Wasting his energy" if he really wanted a rematch and that he "Is tired" of listening to Khan's complaints.

If this investigation shows dirty tactics and corruption yet again within a major sport then it really will be a big blow for the sport, really makes you wonder which sport you can watch nowadays that isn't corrupt and rigged!

Anyone for chess?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

R.I.P. Amanda Cummings Facebook Page Is A Trolls Haven

Facebook At It's Finest?
I don't generally worry myself over these kind of things, especially when it comes to Facebook, but I thought I'd cover a bit of minor news that reflects the state of Facebook and it's fundamental failings.

Amanda Cummings was a 15 year old teenage girl who lived in Staten Island, NY.
She took her own life just 2 days after Christmas by jumping in front of a bus.
It is believed that the reason she committed suicide was down to internet bullies and just a general lack of self esteem.

Just days before she took her life she left a status on Facebook saying:

'I guess im alone. The friends that care... There not rlly there though. Im sick of my life'

Anyway asides from the tragedy of a young girl taking her life the point I'm looking at in this story is just how bad Facebook is when it comes to looking after things written on it's own website. And also the amount of people out here that bite when trolls are bloody obvious!

Now as some here may already know, I'm not a massive fan of the biggest social network in the world, especially when it comes to security and items on the site that really should have a closer eye kept on them!

I touch up on this in one of my previous posts: where it seemed totally apparent to me and many others that Facebook concentrates more on making more money and expanding than it does looking after the content it already has!
I don't agree with people calling this dead girl all the names under the sun on the Facebook tribute page at all, let me make that clear, but what the trolls do actually achieve is showing up the issues that lie here, and to me show that something, somewhere down the line really is going to give. Maybe a few thousand more teens have to die in order for Facebook to sort it's act out.

And also the second part of this story that I wanted to touch upon.....
WHY OH WHY are there so many morons on Facebook who rise to is?
No I'm not mad bro btw ;)

La Redoute In Advertising Blunder - SALES NOW ON!!!!

Modern Art In The Form Of A Cock Up!
We love blunders on this site when it comes to the news, yesterday we bought you the story of Simon Holt and his twitter howler, today we're heading over to France to take a look at La Redoute - Francais' biggest mail-order fashion retailers.

Take a look at the picture to the right, now look a bit closer paying attention to the swimmer in the background.....
Yes that's a nekkid dude who unknowingly ended up in the limelight of the latest viral photo to hit the net!
But the guys not the issue here, it's the fact that there's 4 kids in the foreground!
La Redoute posted this image on their website in the hope of promoting a new line of children's summer clothes, little did they know just how much of a stir this would create!
Naturally they have now removed the image and made the following statement to the public:

“apologises (La Redoute) for the photo published on its site and is doing what’s necessary to remove it”. 

Personally I think it's all a bit of a set up! Who knows what lengths companies would go to in order to get a bit of extra publicity! and really, when you think about it, who in their right mind would release a photo like that and not see that "thing" in the background!
Either it was a publicity stunt to coincide with upcoming sales, or someone at La Redoute HQ has an outrageous sense of humour!

Texan Student Shot Dead By Police Over A Pellet Gun

Jaime Gonzalez Learnt the Hard Way
News emerged in the early hours of this morning of a teenage boy shot dead by police in Texas after waving a bb gun in the wrong place and definitely at the wrong time! (Though I don't know if there is a right time for this kind of scenario!)

The horror story began at Cummings Middle School in Brownsville, Texas, on Wednesday morning after reports of a student with a handgun.

Whilst within the school police were called and when they arrived 15 year old Jaime Gonzalez pointed the gun at officers in the schools hallway, at this point the police opened fire with 2 shots in fear of theirs/others safety.

Gonzalez was later rushed to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

Witnesses later told how Jaime had earlier been involved in a confrontation with another student that day and made it clear to others that he was prepared to "engage officers with the weapon"

Hard lesson learned here, sad for the students family and the school alike, maybe it's peer pressure that makes kids think they need to do things like this? I'd love to say that this would serve a good lesson to other young teens out there but the likelihood is that it won't, it's a sign of the times that when a schoolkid has to pull a gun (real or not) to sort out a problem then there's something real wrong with the world!

Twitter: Simon Holt YOU LEGEND!!!

Simon Holt Race Commentator
I barely knew this guy as I'm not a huge fan of horse racing but after reading some weird news on The Times website I have to say that this guy is now one of my newest hero's!

@PlumptonRaceDay was the Twitter account that Simon was using Tuesday afternoon whilst commentating on a horse race at East Sussex racecourse.

Now I've been guilty of it in the past as I'm sure many others have, that awkward moment when you go to send a private message but accidentally compose and send it on your public profile, well that's exactly what happened here, but wait for it, what did the #1 commentator for one of the biggest UK television stations say to all those followers?

"Oh and by the way, I want your hot body tonight babe. xxxxx,"


Now the message that was intended for his wife was quickly followed up with an embarrassing withdrawal saying:

"The previous message was sent in error! Please ignore ...... unless you are Cameron Diaz or my wife." 

Poor Simon, but thankfully he had a sense of humour and his 100 followers did also, thanks to the blunder his followers increased to over 300 in less than an hour!

Now there's a novel way to spread word about your profile and get some much needed attention!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Microsoft Catches A Comet!

Bill Gates loves to shop here!
Oh dear, I love these kind of stories, they make me smile, but only for the fact that someone tried to do over Micro$oft, even though they weren't aware of it!

It has come to light that Comet have been selling Microsoft products that they weren't licensed to sell so Mr Gates and his merry men have decided to sue the UK electronic retailer Comet.

Comet are accused of selling recovery discs for XP and Vista systems back in March 2008 through to December 2009, the retailer did this solely (So they claim) to help customers recover their legitimate pc software as the software giant Microsoft had decided not to provide such CD's after a while.

Comet after a while ceased making the products available in their stores as the turnover was only worth around £1 million from the sales.
Comet agree that they did indeed sell the discs but say that they are not guilty of piracy.
In all 94,000 discs were sold throughout the stores chains in the UK.
Sorry but good on you Comet, hope the case falls through, your actions were only to help people out at the end of the day, had Microsoft continued to ship the discs with the product they sold then there wouldn't have been a problem!

Kodak Bankruptcy? Recession Claims Another Big Name!

I remember the days way before digital camera's hit the scene, the days when my mother used to take the film out of the camera and bag it up in a prepaid envelope and send it off using snail mail to wait 21 days for the photo's to magically return through the letterbox along with 3-5 more prepaid paper envelopes!

This is obviously a blast from my past but the point is that "Kodak" was plastered all over these envelopes and the film that loaded the camera, and if I remember correctly the cranky old camera itself was made by Kodak! But the point is this is how I remember and know the brand, and I'm sure alot more people can relate to that.

But unfortunately it would seem that this a**hole of a recession is about to claim this iconic brand as the company is now struggling and about to file off for bankruptcy within the coming weeks unless it can turn itself around and flog a few patents that it holds.

ROCHESTER, NY - NOVEMBER 3: The Eastman Kodak ...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Many companies have bowed to the increasing pressure of this economic crisis all around the world (apart from China as they seem to have an abundance of cash!) and although many might not really care I find it kinda sad that a company like Kodak with a 131 year history just crashes to the ground, makes me wonder how many more will fall to this cash stricken world we live in!

Lets hope the guys in charge of the company can turn things around and save some of the 19,000 employees that work for them.

URGGGGHHH please for christ sakes will someone give some good news for a change!!!

Death Cap Mushroom Is Called That For A Reason!

Looks Pure Evil Full Stop!
When you go down to the woods today be sure to stay away from this badboy!
2 people in Australia are now dead thanks to this deadly fungi!

Mistaking this mushroom for the edible Paddy Straw mushroom 4 people indulged on the highly poisonous Death Cap leaving 2 dead and one still seriously ill in hospital!

Unfortunately a New Years Eve meal has now materialised into a nightmare, at first if ingested victims get bad vomiting, but after a few days the symptoms turn into something much worse as the toxins within this fungi cause mega complications with the liver! No part of this mushroom is edible whatsoever!
Just goes to show you never know what's lurking out there, one thing is for sure though, if I fancy mushrooms with my fry up then I'm going to make sure I buy them from my local store and not risk chancing what I might find in the backyard!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

LA Police Arrest Harry Burkhart Over Arson Attacks

Police appealed to public to find this man
53 fires and nearly 5 days later police in LA have arrested a man they believe to be the culprit of the arson attacks that have caused $3 million in damage to cars around the city.

Harry Burkhart a 24 year old male has been arrested and booked on arson charges and is currently being held without bail.

From what the cops are saying about Burkhart, he seems rather disturbed and angry at a current immigration issue which involves his mother. In other reports currently online the man has stated that he "Hates America", if that is the case then maybe he could explain some of his dumb behaviour!

Police had several leads in this case, one of which was of surveillance of a man who had been spotted several times in the facility of the cars that were set alight, mostly these cars were parked unattended when the crimes were committed.

Seems this real life firestarter has come to the end of the line, police are convinced they have their man so hopefully now for the residents of LA this nightmare is finally over!

Manchester City v Liverpool Match Preview

Manchester City vs Liverpool EPL 7:45pm Kick Off

Barclays Premier League

  • Venue: Etihad Stadium
  • Date: Tuesday, 3 January
  • Kick-off: 1945 GMT
Get ready for another exciting night of Premiership action and this time around it's a clash of the titans.
Manchester City play hosts to Liverpool and both are looking to claim the 3 points that are up for grabs. Currently #1 in the table albeit only on goal difference Manchester City will be after a win to push ahead of hometown rivals Manchester United.

Liverpool on the other hand have the opportunity tonight to nudge ahead of Arsenal and claim a 5th spot in the league.

City will be looking to get Mario Balotelli back on the field tonight, after he missed the teams defeat at Sunderland the other day due to an ankle injury he picked up.

Luis Suarez should also return to Liverpools main lineup after serving his one match ban.

On paper the Liverpool side look the better of the 2, claiming 80 wins in this fixture whereas Manchester City can boast only 41.
Last season though in this matchup City stole the show with a 3-0 against the Liverpool club.
Manchester City have lost 1, drawn 1 and won 1 in their last 3 games, most notably the last game was a loss away to Sunderland which saw the side lose 1-0.

Liverpool however have won 1 and drawn 2 of the last 3, with their last game winning 3-1 against the Magpies on the 30th of December. This will give them a good boost ahead of tonight's match.

I'd hate to call this game, although it should be a very entertaining game of footy!
Feel free to comment below on your match predictions guys!

Dobson And Norris Guilty Of Murder

Gary Dobson & David Norris
If you're over the age of mid 20 something then you might just remember the time when the news was full of stories relating to the murder of a young Stephen Lawrence.

Back in 1993 the 18 year old was killed in a racially motivated attack in Eltham, southeast London.

Amazingly almost 19 years down the line the 2 men pictured were brought to court and tried in front of a jury of 4 women and 8 men.

After a 7 week trial the court found the 2 men guilty of murder and now will wait to hear their sentences. Parents of Mr Dobson were in court when the verdict was given, outraged she shouted out "He's innocent. He didn't kill that man.", claiming as she has done all along that Gary was at home at the time of the murder.

Finally justice has been served and relatives and loved ones of the A Level murdered teenager can finally have some closure on a case that has gone on for 19 years.

Stephen's Mother Doreen spoke outside court today:

"How can I celebrate when I know that this day could have come 18 years ago if the police who were meant to find my son's killers failed so miserably to do so?" she asked.
She continued: "All I now feel is relief, relief that two of my sons killers have finally been caught and brought to justice, relief that these two racist men can no longer think they can murder a black man and get away with it, relief that despite the defence being able to raise issues of contamination the jury saw through it.
"I feel relief that to some extent I can move forward with my life but mixed with relief is anger - anger that me and my family were put through 18 years of grief and uncertainty not knowing if or when we would get justice."
My problem with this story is that why on earth did it take 19 years to bring these men to trial?
I couldn't begin to imagine how hard this time had to have been on Stephen's family!
And is this the end of this? How many others were involved in the gang violence that night?
Sorry but this to me is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the British court system and the policing methods used badly, 19 YEARS! come on "Great" Britain!

UK Gets Battered By Storms - Rogue Wheelie Bins & Flying Roofs!

Check out this video filmed in Scotland

It shows just how powerful the winds were in the UK yesterday as storms made life miserable for many and caused many pounds worth of damage right across the country!
In Glasgow there were some amazing scenes also when a roof ripped off the top of a block of flats and landed on houses adjacent!
Thankfully no one was hurt or killed in this incident but can imagine that the families living in those houses got quite a shock when tonnes of debris came calling at their door!
Severe weather warnings are still in place throughout the next 24 hours, with the MET office warning of upto 100 mph winds again in some parts of the UK.