Thursday, 5 January 2012

Texan Student Shot Dead By Police Over A Pellet Gun

Jaime Gonzalez Learnt the Hard Way
News emerged in the early hours of this morning of a teenage boy shot dead by police in Texas after waving a bb gun in the wrong place and definitely at the wrong time! (Though I don't know if there is a right time for this kind of scenario!)

The horror story began at Cummings Middle School in Brownsville, Texas, on Wednesday morning after reports of a student with a handgun.

Whilst within the school police were called and when they arrived 15 year old Jaime Gonzalez pointed the gun at officers in the schools hallway, at this point the police opened fire with 2 shots in fear of theirs/others safety.

Gonzalez was later rushed to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

Witnesses later told how Jaime had earlier been involved in a confrontation with another student that day and made it clear to others that he was prepared to "engage officers with the weapon"

Hard lesson learned here, sad for the students family and the school alike, maybe it's peer pressure that makes kids think they need to do things like this? I'd love to say that this would serve a good lesson to other young teens out there but the likelihood is that it won't, it's a sign of the times that when a schoolkid has to pull a gun (real or not) to sort out a problem then there's something real wrong with the world!

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