Friday, 30 December 2011

Premier League Fixtures Saturday 31st

Some good Premiership action is up for grabs this new years eve including a good load of Championship matches also, here are the fixtures for the 31st as follows!
Saturday, 31 December 2011
Man Utd v Blackburn, 12:45
Arsenal v QPR, 15:00
Bolton v Wolverhampton, 15:00
Chelsea v Aston Villa, 15:00
Norwich v Fulham, 15:00
Stoke v Wigan, 15:00
Swansea v Tottenham, 15:00
Leicester v Portsmouth, 12:15
Barnsley v Leeds, 13:00
Derby v West Ham, 13:00
Millwall v Crystal Palace, 13:00
Watford v Doncaster, 13:00
Birmingham v Blackpool, 15:00
Burnley v Hull, 15:00
Coventry v Brighton, 15:00
Middlesbrough v Peterborough, 15:00
Nott'm Forest v Cardiff, 15:00
Reading v Ipswich, 15:00

Guys Don't Adjust Your TV Sets, You'll See The Fireworks Just Fine!

Ok so shoot me for not pulling out the most scandalous or shocking news story of the day but this one I read earlier on Sky News was worth a mention.
Pyrotechnics are pretty amazing really, there's a great deal of work and science that goes into the expensive displays that the vast majority of us love to watch.
To us it's a great thing to watch, but to the people who build and create them, it goes alot further than just worrying about if the crowd can see ok!

Countries around the world are beginning to realise the potential in having a great fireworks display on New Years Eve and the extra revenue it can pull in worldwide, I guess it's a bit like putting yourself on the map with thanks to the news companies that document the awesome displays.
So more concentration is being applied to ensure that tv audiences get just as good a show on their HD sets as the crowds are getting who are actually there in person!

So never fear, if you can't get to one of the major capitals of the world to see in the New Year with a bang then just turn your news channel on, make sure you have an HDMI socket and a couple of beers and rest assured that your gonna be watching so top notch fireworks this new years eve!!!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

"Slam" Your Viral Video On Youtube!

Youtube has acted on the recent viral videos that do the rounds on the net and created a weekly award section on the site called "Slam"
The idea is that a variety of awards will be given for various different categories of videos and Youtube users will vote on their favourites.

On the Youtube Blog it explains that for now the categories will cover the following five different aspects: comedy, cute, music, bizarre and dance.
It's a pretty good idea I guess, the overall idea is really to engage users more and get them to discover new videos, to me though the only drawback is that they probably won't be showing some of the crazy viral videos that have been unearthed in the past, Jessica Slaughter and Coppercab to name a few, I mean we all know how youtube like to censor the ass off everything we do on there!

What Is Facebook Timeline?

The Timeline... Is It Better?
You see it everytime when Facebook changes something, hundreds of friends, well 20% friends and 80% of people who you knew once upon a time but really couldn't give a flying f*** about! but back to the point, you see the moaning and whining that Facebook has changed everything and "CHANGE IT BACK OR I HAS LEAVEN!"

Well whether you like it or not Facebook is changing and get used to it, you know it does and it will again!
So the timeline is the latest instalment to the second biggest site in the world and from what I can work out it's basically a walk of life if you like, which would be cool if you weren't born before 2005! Remember Facebook didn't really get going til around that time!

Beginning from the moment you were born the timeline tells people what happens in your life and what you have been saying, so get ready world, because when the day comes that you decide to have a child, before you teach them to walk and talk you have to make sure that 1, they have set up a Facebook account and 2, they know how to poke people effectively!

Seems the only good thing to really come out of this from what I am told is the Cover picture as you can see from the picture above, are we really bothered about having one of those either though, hmm debatable!

Facebook is changing so get ready! so far the changes haven't rolled out to everyone, me included, but I wait with slight concern that I'm really not gonna get over excited about a change that I'm not that bothered about!

Sorry to sound dull about this but I'd much rather they work harder on their privacy settings first!

Bring Your Passport And A Utility Bill Along With Your Copper Wire And Lead Please Sir

Theft of Copper wire is one of the most sought after in the UK
A new scheme being piloted in the North East of England is set to try and stamp out the lucrative stolen metal trade in a bid to save the country around £8 billion per year!

I generally struggle to understand alot of the initiatives and legislation that the UK government sets up in Westminster but this one seems asif it's a good idea for a change!

The plans set out state that if you are going to take metal to a scrapyard then you must provide either your passport or drivers licence and a utility bill containing your name and full address.
The idea is that the government and council of the North East will get all 240 of their scrapyards to sign up and follow this out in a bid to get onto of this problem.

Metal theft has grown massively over the years and the recession really hasn't helped the situation, with more and more out of work looking to make a quick buck by stealing copper, lead or whatever they get their hands on to turn it into cash for scrap.

Churches and railway networks are the biggest victims here, churches normally for their abundance of lead and railways for the likes of copper wire etc.
And this isn't just down to individuals and thugs with a transit van, this is also rich pickings for organized gangs who go out on a daily basis and do this for a living.

I'm against this totally, I understand that people need to make money but seriously just go get a f*cking job! Churches are some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in the UK and it's sad to think hat these places have survived years and years, world wars and mother nature, yet some chav comes along and destroys the place!
Disgusting..... And I hope this scheme works and it gets rolled out all across the UK, nevermind the inconvenience to the average customer at a scrapyard having to take his paperwork, let's just get this crappy theft stopped!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Crazy Crocodile: Lawnmower Edition! Video

Check out this badboy! Elvis the croc from the Australian Reptile Park in North Sydney got so pissed with the groundkeeper cutting the grass that he decided to lunge for the mower and drag it into his pond for safekeeping!
50 year old Elvis is fine but unfortunately missing a few teeth from the ordeal!

Finally The EU Has A Use! Minimum Alcohol Pricing Madness!

Minimum Alcohol Prices Set For UK Drinkers?
I'm not very "pro" EU but today I might let the guard down for a while until this new piece of legislation proposed by the UK Government gets a decision, hopefully thrown out and smashed to pieces!

Mr David Cameron and his merry men are trying to push for a minimum pricing scheme on alcohol in a bid to try and crack down on antisocial behaviour, health issues and a few other things that they are concerned about, but to be honest here the only thing that they are looking to achieve is to raise more money and rape the UK public of every little saving that they have, that's how it normally works anyway!

But the problem here comes in the form of the European Union, and to me it's a good problem and may just stop the coalition government in their tracks! This legislation could indeed break EU rules when it comes to European competition rules.

Scotland MP's have been at the forefront of this idea for quite a while now, their drinking nation has been a ballache for them as lower income households are more concentrated and more abundant up north, Cameron as mentioned before backs this idea and wants to see it nationwide in a bid to make more money to support causes like the NHS etc.

Don't get me wrong, it's a worthy cause but to me it seems that the government are backed into a corner so much that they're now keen to do anything to raise cash, they've taxed the pubs in Britain to death, along with drivers and smokers, so they are most certainly running out of places to turn.

This doesn't seem much of a solution really but people who are for the cause will always argue that countries like Australia have made this work so then why can't we?
The problem is Australia have a better quality of life in my opinion, a bit of sunshine can go a long way, morale in the UK is at such a low, do the Great British public really need more beatings?

Sinead O'Connor End's Marriage #4 - After 16 Days! Yes DAYS!

Nothing Compares....... To 16 long days?
It's been a rollercoaster of a ride for 90's popstar Sinead O'Connor this last few weeks as it's revealed that the stars 4th marriage has ended after just 16 days!

Some may find this laughable, supporters maybe not, but whatever your stance you've got to wonder about the mental state of both Sinead and her (ex) Old Man!

The pair got wed in Las Vegas on December 8, Sinead tied the knot to Barry Herridge, a 38-year-old therapist.

But according to an update she made on her website the relationship seemed pretty doomed from the start!:

"From the moment myself and my husband got together not long ago, there was intense pressure placed upon him by certain people in his life not to be involved with me."

"Entitled as they are to their opinions about me - many, perhaps, well deserved - there was no righteousness on anyone's part to put my husband through what he was put through as a result of his desire to be with me and to marry me and as a result of his actually marrying me."

She wrote that within three hours of the ceremony being over "the marriage was kyboshed by the behaviour of certain people in my husband's life", adding: "And also by a bit of a wild ride I took us on looking for a bit of a smoke of weed for me wedding night as I don't drink.
"My husband was enormously wounded and very badly effected by that experience and also by the attitude of those close to him toward our marriage."

"It became apparent to me that if he were to stay with me he would be losing too much to bear. And that being with me was not going to serve him positively, career wise or any other wise.

"I saw his life leave him because of how people close to him reacted. And I can't take anyone's life. And a woman wants to be a joy to her husband. So.. U love someone? Set them free."

Sad times :( nevermind, I have a feeling that Mr Right might be just around the corner, just as long as Mr Right isn't into long term commitment then I'm sure he'll be fine!

Pro SOPA US Congress Guilty Of Downloading Pirated Material And Porn? ohmygawd.jpg!

US Officials love crap like this, but are they guilty themselves?

Ok here's an interesting story to come out tonight, and one that I'm quietly laughing to myself about, ohhh I love these awkward moments when it comes to politicians and their inevitable blunders!

There's been a site banging around for a while now that can trace what torrents you have downloaded by looking up your IP address against a database the site has collected from various download sites, mainly piratebay. Well the good guys over at Torrentfreak have been doing a little fishing on this website and discovered that IP addresses belonging to the U.S. House of Representatives were found there, in a large number, over 800 different IP addresses infact!

Now a select few of you might be thinking "Maybe they download to check out other schtuffs and bust criminals!" Well in some instances you might be right, but when Torrentfreak delved further they discovered that many of the torrents downloaded were absolutely nothing to do with work and more in the interests of the individual on the pc at the time! Yes, you can see what torrents have been DL'd by the way, as you can see from the following picture! :
And yes, Gangland Cream Pie is indeed a pronz!
God bless them if this bill goes through, nothing like creating a rod for your own back!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Godaddy Stalling Domain Transfers? Surely Not!!

As the saga continues and the days get longer and harder for the big nobs up in Godaddy HQ, I myself have been watching in somewhat of disbelief as Twitter reveals speculations that Godaddy are slowing down the great domain exodus. 

"But surely they can't do this!!" I hear you cry?

Well wouldn't put it past them, they were about to sponsor this stupid SOPA bill afterall!

Webmasters seem somewhat pissed off at this naturally and the soapbox looks absolutely jampacked today as it was yesterday too:
As you can see every other comment on twitter right now seems to suggest that theres a bit of a conspiracy going on, that maybe Godaddy are doing all they can to hold on before the great Godaddy walkout which is scheduled for the 29th of this month.

Obviously Namecheap are keeping a strong foothold on the bandwagon, offering fleeing webmasters to sign up via them and saving money in the process! So looks like things are going from bad to very bloody worse for the world's biggest domain registrar!
Godaddy need to tread carefully, if indeed they are found out to be delaying the transferral of domain names then this does come with some dire consequences, consequences that really they could do without right now, surely they have climbed far enough up the ladder of shit publicity just lately?

Premier League Results 27th December

Premier League Report 27/12
Three matches took place today, originally 2 were scheduled at the start of the week but with Arsenal's game being postponed a day because of the rail strike action in London then the day spaced out for some good Premiership action!

Here are the results as follows:

Tuesday, 27 December 2011
Barclays Premier League
Arsenal 1-1 Wolverhampton
Norwich 0-2 Tottenham
Swansea 1-1 QPR

Mother Nature Proves Once Again Just How Powerful She Is - Australian Train Washed Off Bridge

The above video looks like something out of a wartime movie but this is not terrorism or war, this is mass destruction caused by the natural world we live in!

A cyclone in Northern Australia which flooded the Edith River Bridge took away carriages and freight with somewhat ease!
Two drivers were aboard the train as it was trying to make a crossing in the abnormal weather, reports say that both men were airlifted to hospital but injuries etc are unknown.

Environmental authorities in the Northern Territory are believed to be investigating if chemicals from the 20-car iron ore train leaked in the flooded river.

It seems an ever increasing trend now that flooding and extreme weather is causing havoc each year but I am anti "global warming" if you like, I don't believe that this is a cause for what we see around us, mother nature does as it does, has done for years and will do for many more years to come!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Godaddy Blunders Force Withdrawl Of Support For SOPA But Byedaddy.orgWon't Help Bob Parsons Much

Bob's newest worst enemy!

Twitter is ablaze at the moment with posts on just how much of a bad move Godaddy made last week, and just how much it's affecting their business.

CEO Bob Parsons made the cock up last week announcing that Godaddy supports the controversial SOPA bill and that he and his company gives the act their full backing, but the problem here is that 1, Bob hasn't got a clue about the internet, and 2, Bob hasn't got a fucking clue about the internet. Ironic how he is in control of one of the biggest online companies there is!

Following the lack of support and a danger of losing alot more business than they already have Godaddy released a statement on the 23rd of this month saying all of a sudden that they had done a uturn and no longer support SOPA, you can read the statement here:

In the last few days a new site called cropped up, allowing users to check to see if a site uses a Godaddy registered domain, according to some of the results that this new site has kicked out major sites like and are registered with them, although Wikipedia has said that it is planning to remove many of it's domains from Godaddy:

With this recent outcry amongst big names and big sites will the numpties within the US Government do the right thing and abandon this outrageous bill?

Reddit and Twitter are just the beginning, and without a doubt many more will follow in opposing this bill, afterall only a fool would approve it, ain't that right Bob?

Friday, 23 December 2011

SOPA Straightup Sucks!

As many carry on oblivious to the upcoming proposals the government of the United States of the World are trying to put in place it will soon become an uproar of more people around the world once sites like Youtube and Facebook become policed by a strict American official department.

Many users on Facebook barely care or realise what's trying to be pushed through in the states, SOPA though will most definitely affect a huge amount of the 800,000 Facebook fans when it comes to uploading "copyrighted" content etc etc.

Some understand what this bill would do and are standing up against it, but although this fight may yet go on for a considerable amount of time, it's a bleak outlook when you find organizations like backing this outrageous idea!

Godaddy is the largest domain registrar on the internet, and have today come out and said that this bill called the SOPA act will be a good thing for the internet and in no way will it affect the internet flourishing in the future.

When you see companies like Godaddy saying that it's a worrying thought that no matter how many of us stand up against it, the fight could easily be lost if a few of these big American companies jump on the bandwagon.

A new site cropped up today appealing to Godaddy customers and webmasters to boycott the famous domain provider by the 29th of this month to show them just how many people are pissed off that they have backed SOPA, sends a simple message saying that we are not happy and we will move elsewhere if you continue to support this cancer. The hope is that Godaddy takes note and removes it's support.

In my view and as many others have expressed, the internet is a free place for free people, police it and we could all be faced with an intranet much like North Korea, where the only information you can find is the stuff that only the US government wants you to see! Imagine that!