Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dobson And Norris Guilty Of Murder

Gary Dobson & David Norris
If you're over the age of mid 20 something then you might just remember the time when the news was full of stories relating to the murder of a young Stephen Lawrence.

Back in 1993 the 18 year old was killed in a racially motivated attack in Eltham, southeast London.

Amazingly almost 19 years down the line the 2 men pictured were brought to court and tried in front of a jury of 4 women and 8 men.

After a 7 week trial the court found the 2 men guilty of murder and now will wait to hear their sentences. Parents of Mr Dobson were in court when the verdict was given, outraged she shouted out "He's innocent. He didn't kill that man.", claiming as she has done all along that Gary was at home at the time of the murder.

Finally justice has been served and relatives and loved ones of the A Level murdered teenager can finally have some closure on a case that has gone on for 19 years.

Stephen's Mother Doreen spoke outside court today:

"How can I celebrate when I know that this day could have come 18 years ago if the police who were meant to find my son's killers failed so miserably to do so?" she asked.
She continued: "All I now feel is relief, relief that two of my sons killers have finally been caught and brought to justice, relief that these two racist men can no longer think they can murder a black man and get away with it, relief that despite the defence being able to raise issues of contamination the jury saw through it.
"I feel relief that to some extent I can move forward with my life but mixed with relief is anger - anger that me and my family were put through 18 years of grief and uncertainty not knowing if or when we would get justice."
My problem with this story is that why on earth did it take 19 years to bring these men to trial?
I couldn't begin to imagine how hard this time had to have been on Stephen's family!
And is this the end of this? How many others were involved in the gang violence that night?
Sorry but this to me is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the British court system and the policing methods used badly, 19 YEARS! come on "Great" Britain!

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