Thursday, 5 January 2012

Twitter: Simon Holt YOU LEGEND!!!

Simon Holt Race Commentator
I barely knew this guy as I'm not a huge fan of horse racing but after reading some weird news on The Times website I have to say that this guy is now one of my newest hero's!

@PlumptonRaceDay was the Twitter account that Simon was using Tuesday afternoon whilst commentating on a horse race at East Sussex racecourse.

Now I've been guilty of it in the past as I'm sure many others have, that awkward moment when you go to send a private message but accidentally compose and send it on your public profile, well that's exactly what happened here, but wait for it, what did the #1 commentator for one of the biggest UK television stations say to all those followers?

"Oh and by the way, I want your hot body tonight babe. xxxxx,"


Now the message that was intended for his wife was quickly followed up with an embarrassing withdrawal saying:

"The previous message was sent in error! Please ignore ...... unless you are Cameron Diaz or my wife." 

Poor Simon, but thankfully he had a sense of humour and his 100 followers did also, thanks to the blunder his followers increased to over 300 in less than an hour!

Now there's a novel way to spread word about your profile and get some much needed attention!