Sunday, 8 January 2012

Man vs Leopard - Guess Who Wins!

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This is the terrifying moment when a wild leopard in North East India attacks a man in his home, swiping at the man with it's massive paw and scalping the poor guy!

Startled the guy who is yet to be named, came out of his bedroom and found the wild animal roaming around his house! This guy came out worse but reports suggest that upto 3 other men who were in the house were injured also.

Experts believe that the huge leopard ended up in the city of Guwahati in the hunt for food, the animal was tranquillized and taken to the nearest zoo.

I suppose on the brightside at least this beautiful animal wasn't killed as a result of the attack, gotta feel sorry for the guy in the picture though, that looks one hell of a gash!


  1. Moral of the story. If you are living in Guwahati, make your house leopard safe.
    Feel sorry for the guy,though.

  2. He should put up those baby gates. That would've stopped him from losing his dome.

  3. ouch! but it's luck that everyone's alive, including the leopard

  4. That should be an exceptional case, I don't think leopards go over there assaulting people's houses. However, if anytime I go there I will be ready for leopards attacks (armored car?)