Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bungee Fun Until You Hear That Snap!

The title says "snap" but for this Australian girl we could have nearly been writing about a different kind of snap!
Not only did her bungee cord break 110 meters above a stream leaving her in a furious nosedive towards the water but the water she was heading for was crocodile infested and could have left her for dead! As I said, possible SNAP x2 detected!

Erin Laung thought she was going to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience whilst on holiday so booked a bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.
But things went horribly wrong when the bungee snapped and Erin found herself plummeting to earth and hitting the water hard.
Erin was then left with her feet tied, being swept away by a strong stream where after several seconds the remainder of the cord snagged on rocks and pulled her under water in the current.

Eventually she was rescued and taken to hospital, amazing with only cuts and grazes, doctors are surprised that she got off so lightly!

The company that owns the bungee jump expedition explained afterwards that the cord had been replaced and insisted that bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge was safe.

IMO... no chance would you see me doing a bungee jump! and no way would I do it at Victoria Falls Bridge! Did you see that video where she hit the water? Not a chance in hell would I risk my life lol

Then again I've always been one that is happier with my feet firmly on the ground thanks ;)


  1. omg that is sick good post im following you !:D

  2. I've practiced it twice, and videos like this doesn't encourage me having a third jump. Fortunately she is alive. Following you ;)

  3. That`s a miracle! +Following you now!

  4. Everybody saying it's safe and then this. I don't know, if I would do it.

  5. fuuuuuuck that.

    Not that I ever really planned to try this, but this should keep me from ever changing my mind.