Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Death Cap Mushroom Is Called That For A Reason!

Looks Pure Evil Full Stop!
When you go down to the woods today be sure to stay away from this badboy!
2 people in Australia are now dead thanks to this deadly fungi!

Mistaking this mushroom for the edible Paddy Straw mushroom 4 people indulged on the highly poisonous Death Cap leaving 2 dead and one still seriously ill in hospital!

Unfortunately a New Years Eve meal has now materialised into a nightmare, at first if ingested victims get bad vomiting, but after a few days the symptoms turn into something much worse as the toxins within this fungi cause mega complications with the liver! No part of this mushroom is edible whatsoever!
Just goes to show you never know what's lurking out there, one thing is for sure though, if I fancy mushrooms with my fry up then I'm going to make sure I buy them from my local store and not risk chancing what I might find in the backyard!


  1. And here I was thinking the only things in Australia to be afraid of was the snakes and spiders.