Friday, 6 January 2012

Khan Lashes Out Again About Peterson Fight Fail

Did this man affect judges decision?
Most know about Khan's big drawback last December when he took to the ring in Washington D.C and lost to a remarkable Lamont Peterson, and you could be forgiven for saying that maybe Khan acted a bit butthurt about the decision after 12 rounds which say Peterson take away the world titles.

But new footage has been released today of a mystery man floating around the judges table, seemingly interfering with paperwork and proceedings in general.

After Khan returned back home he said that he had reviewed the tape several times as many sportsmen do to review their performance, but in the process spotted what seemed to be something very fishy, he and his camp have submitted a complaint and are not stressing "We want answers".

It is expected now that the President of the WBA should respond to Khans allegations within the next 24 hours, Robert Smith, chief executive of the British Boxing Board of Control, said it was too early to take a view without "all the facts", adding: "Obviously we need to find out who this unidentified individual was."
Meanwhile Peterson is insisting that Khan would be "Wasting his energy" if he really wanted a rematch and that he "Is tired" of listening to Khan's complaints.

If this investigation shows dirty tactics and corruption yet again within a major sport then it really will be a big blow for the sport, really makes you wonder which sport you can watch nowadays that isn't corrupt and rigged!

Anyone for chess?

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