Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Microsoft Catches A Comet!

Bill Gates loves to shop here!
Oh dear, I love these kind of stories, they make me smile, but only for the fact that someone tried to do over Micro$oft, even though they weren't aware of it!

It has come to light that Comet have been selling Microsoft products that they weren't licensed to sell so Mr Gates and his merry men have decided to sue the UK electronic retailer Comet.

Comet are accused of selling recovery discs for XP and Vista systems back in March 2008 through to December 2009, the retailer did this solely (So they claim) to help customers recover their legitimate pc software as the software giant Microsoft had decided not to provide such CD's after a while.

Comet after a while ceased making the products available in their stores as the turnover was only worth around £1 million from the sales.
Comet agree that they did indeed sell the discs but say that they are not guilty of piracy.
In all 94,000 discs were sold throughout the stores chains in the UK.
Sorry but good on you Comet, hope the case falls through, your actions were only to help people out at the end of the day, had Microsoft continued to ship the discs with the product they sold then there wouldn't have been a problem!


  1. It sucks when one of the few times a company tries to do something good they get sued. Good luck Comet!

  2. micro$oft is evil kids... everyone knows it!