Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Drink Driving Is STUPID - Just Another Reason Why!

Escape... So close YET SO FAR!
So your off your nut, drunk to hell, get into a car with your friend and get chased to the end of a pier by the cops.... What do? Well why not ask a 28 year old Cali man, he thought it would be a great idea to jump off the pier, into a cold sea and make a swim for it!

The guy unbelievably managed to get away, the only problem?
The "friend" (maybe not so much now) who was left in the car and got caught gave the drivers full name and address... the lot!

Gutted but that's what you get for drink driving!

This happened at Pacific Beach, north of San Diego at around 2:30am and the guy who has not yet been identified took to the sea wearing jeans and T-shirt. Coastguards, lifeguards, helicopters, the whole shebang were deployed but the man couldn't be found in the dark.

The man's family later contacted police just to let them know that he was about to hand himself in at the local police station.

Maybe lesson learned the hard way, but I'm sure as soon as he hit that cold water he sobered up pretty fast!


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  2. He is going to get a large bill in the mail for the deployment of the Coast Guard. It will not be cheap.

  3. Eh, it's dumb to run from a DUI. Now if I were running from a major felony, I'd consider it :P