Wednesday, 11 January 2012

$1.3 Million For Baby Blue and Beyonce?

1.3 million dollars? SERIOUSLY??

This is one of those stories that makes me rage that hard that I feel like picking up this new laptop and smashing it so hard into the tv that the tv flies along with the laptop through the double glazed window and falls in great blaze on the pavement outside.....

But I will attempt to keep my cool and write about it anyway :S wish me luck!

So man hating Beyonce (Ever listened to the lyrics in her songs?) and that weird looking "rapper" Jay-Z had a sprog a couple of days ago and called it "Blue" (only a rich ass pair of parents would think of a name like that).
Rumour has it is that the hospital where "I shake my ass too much" Beyonce had her baby was practically transformed to the price of $1.3 million to cater for the "huge event".
But with the bullet proof doors which were fitted and elaborate gifts and crap aside, normal people who were also at the hospital were pretty much "locked down" as they put it while this whole fiasco went on just as a security measure for Beyonce and her baby.

Lennox Hill hospital in New York where the motto on the buildings exterior says "Smart People" <<< your joking right? was basically redesigned for this couple to ensure that even during one of the most natural things in the world still felt like a Hollywood catwalk.
Whilst in the process of giving birth and staying a short while afterwards ordinary people were basically forced to deal with that fact that there were VIP's upstairs and they had priority.

What a pathetic pile of w**k.

Sorry but at the end of the day if these moron celebs want to spend money like that then fair enough, but to make other people suffer as a result of your materialistic and lavish lifestyle? Meh... seriously that really gets my heckles up.

Swear to god if I was one of those expectant parents at that hospital over those few days I would have raged so hard that I would have been handcuffed for sure.

Maybe you can tell I'm slightly perturbed about this :S


  1. I don't get why celebrities always get treated better. Because of the money, the publicity? I wish the world was different, but that's just how it goes.

  2. I agree, but at the same time I think if they want to spend money on things like this they should be allowed to do it. If you look at it like $1.3 million going back into society, or in this case to the hospital, it can help them improve their service in the future.

  3. Celebrities should be treated like normal people because the only difference with other mortals is money, and seems that nowadays if you're rich normal people should lick your ass. Pathetic.