Tuesday, 3 January 2012

LA Police Arrest Harry Burkhart Over Arson Attacks

Police appealed to public to find this man
53 fires and nearly 5 days later police in LA have arrested a man they believe to be the culprit of the arson attacks that have caused $3 million in damage to cars around the city.

Harry Burkhart a 24 year old male has been arrested and booked on arson charges and is currently being held without bail.

From what the cops are saying about Burkhart, he seems rather disturbed and angry at a current immigration issue which involves his mother. In other reports currently online the man has stated that he "Hates America", if that is the case then maybe he could explain some of his dumb behaviour!

Police had several leads in this case, one of which was of surveillance of a man who had been spotted several times in the facility of the cars that were set alight, mostly these cars were parked unattended when the crimes were committed.

Seems this real life firestarter has come to the end of the line, police are convinced they have their man so hopefully now for the residents of LA this nightmare is finally over!


  1. 53 fires? god that's insane, good that they finally got him.

  2. Wow! He should play TF2 with me. My team needs a good pyro!