Thursday, 5 January 2012

R.I.P. Amanda Cummings Facebook Page Is A Trolls Haven

Facebook At It's Finest?
I don't generally worry myself over these kind of things, especially when it comes to Facebook, but I thought I'd cover a bit of minor news that reflects the state of Facebook and it's fundamental failings.

Amanda Cummings was a 15 year old teenage girl who lived in Staten Island, NY.
She took her own life just 2 days after Christmas by jumping in front of a bus.
It is believed that the reason she committed suicide was down to internet bullies and just a general lack of self esteem.

Just days before she took her life she left a status on Facebook saying:

'I guess im alone. The friends that care... There not rlly there though. Im sick of my life'

Anyway asides from the tragedy of a young girl taking her life the point I'm looking at in this story is just how bad Facebook is when it comes to looking after things written on it's own website. And also the amount of people out here that bite when trolls are bloody obvious!

Now as some here may already know, I'm not a massive fan of the biggest social network in the world, especially when it comes to security and items on the site that really should have a closer eye kept on them!

I touch up on this in one of my previous posts: where it seemed totally apparent to me and many others that Facebook concentrates more on making more money and expanding than it does looking after the content it already has!
I don't agree with people calling this dead girl all the names under the sun on the Facebook tribute page at all, let me make that clear, but what the trolls do actually achieve is showing up the issues that lie here, and to me show that something, somewhere down the line really is going to give. Maybe a few thousand more teens have to die in order for Facebook to sort it's act out.

And also the second part of this story that I wanted to touch upon.....
WHY OH WHY are there so many morons on Facebook who rise to is?
No I'm not mad bro btw ;)


  1. I agree that they need to do something about it, it's however a pretty big task to monitor what 800 million people do.

  2. I don't know man... sure facebook is "evil", as it doesn't have any respect for our security or privacy. but the trolling of suicide teenagers... I think it's more of a cultural problem, is this ever-growing emptyness and lack of proposite in people, I think.

    or maybe I'm wandering off... well, thoughts, thoughts...

  3. There are always trolls on RIP pages nowadays.

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