Monday, 16 January 2012

Why Am I Trying To Arrest You?

Meet PC Stout, A police officer in London who really did make a tit out of himself!
Working in the Edgware Road area PC Stout decided to stop this cyclist after claiming that he ran a red light.
Unimpressed with the officers reasoning for the stop the guy filming this unfolding cycling drama asked the officer what he was trying to arrest him for, PC Stout "didn't know!".
Stout soon begins to realise that he is fighting a losing battle here so pulls out all the stops, insisting that the man produces identity documents and all kinds of crap! Even asking for a passport!

The guy who was obviously way more educated than the copper pwns this crooked cop to the max.

What a beautiful sight!

Shame that because of PC Stout's uber embarrassment that he felt the need to lunge for the poor guys helmet camera... Maybe he figured that the film was going straight on Youtube!

Good work Sir!


  1. I love it when people stand up for their rights.

  2. Hahah sounds like a great story, the clip is unavailable though. :<