Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Kodak Bankruptcy? Recession Claims Another Big Name!

I remember the days way before digital camera's hit the scene, the days when my mother used to take the film out of the camera and bag it up in a prepaid envelope and send it off using snail mail to wait 21 days for the photo's to magically return through the letterbox along with 3-5 more prepaid paper envelopes!

This is obviously a blast from my past but the point is that "Kodak" was plastered all over these envelopes and the film that loaded the camera, and if I remember correctly the cranky old camera itself was made by Kodak! But the point is this is how I remember and know the brand, and I'm sure alot more people can relate to that.

But unfortunately it would seem that this a**hole of a recession is about to claim this iconic brand as the company is now struggling and about to file off for bankruptcy within the coming weeks unless it can turn itself around and flog a few patents that it holds.

ROCHESTER, NY - NOVEMBER 3: The Eastman Kodak ...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Many companies have bowed to the increasing pressure of this economic crisis all around the world (apart from China as they seem to have an abundance of cash!) and although many might not really care I find it kinda sad that a company like Kodak with a 131 year history just crashes to the ground, makes me wonder how many more will fall to this cash stricken world we live in!

Lets hope the guys in charge of the company can turn things around and save some of the 19,000 employees that work for them.

URGGGGHHH please for christ sakes will someone give some good news for a change!!!

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