Thursday, 29 December 2011

What Is Facebook Timeline?

The Timeline... Is It Better?
You see it everytime when Facebook changes something, hundreds of friends, well 20% friends and 80% of people who you knew once upon a time but really couldn't give a flying f*** about! but back to the point, you see the moaning and whining that Facebook has changed everything and "CHANGE IT BACK OR I HAS LEAVEN!"

Well whether you like it or not Facebook is changing and get used to it, you know it does and it will again!
So the timeline is the latest instalment to the second biggest site in the world and from what I can work out it's basically a walk of life if you like, which would be cool if you weren't born before 2005! Remember Facebook didn't really get going til around that time!

Beginning from the moment you were born the timeline tells people what happens in your life and what you have been saying, so get ready world, because when the day comes that you decide to have a child, before you teach them to walk and talk you have to make sure that 1, they have set up a Facebook account and 2, they know how to poke people effectively!

Seems the only good thing to really come out of this from what I am told is the Cover picture as you can see from the picture above, are we really bothered about having one of those either though, hmm debatable!

Facebook is changing so get ready! so far the changes haven't rolled out to everyone, me included, but I wait with slight concern that I'm really not gonna get over excited about a change that I'm not that bothered about!

Sorry to sound dull about this but I'd much rather they work harder on their privacy settings first!


  1. I hate Timeline, it reminds me of Bebo (I used to use Bebo when I was like 14 -.-)

  2. Yea youtube does that too I wish it was back to the way it was in 2008 I hate the new channel layout

  3. Oh well, I'm probably going to delete my facebook soon anyway.