Friday, 23 December 2011

SOPA Straightup Sucks!

As many carry on oblivious to the upcoming proposals the government of the United States of the World are trying to put in place it will soon become an uproar of more people around the world once sites like Youtube and Facebook become policed by a strict American official department.

Many users on Facebook barely care or realise what's trying to be pushed through in the states, SOPA though will most definitely affect a huge amount of the 800,000 Facebook fans when it comes to uploading "copyrighted" content etc etc.

Some understand what this bill would do and are standing up against it, but although this fight may yet go on for a considerable amount of time, it's a bleak outlook when you find organizations like backing this outrageous idea!

Godaddy is the largest domain registrar on the internet, and have today come out and said that this bill called the SOPA act will be a good thing for the internet and in no way will it affect the internet flourishing in the future.

When you see companies like Godaddy saying that it's a worrying thought that no matter how many of us stand up against it, the fight could easily be lost if a few of these big American companies jump on the bandwagon.

A new site cropped up today appealing to Godaddy customers and webmasters to boycott the famous domain provider by the 29th of this month to show them just how many people are pissed off that they have backed SOPA, sends a simple message saying that we are not happy and we will move elsewhere if you continue to support this cancer. The hope is that Godaddy takes note and removes it's support.

In my view and as many others have expressed, the internet is a free place for free people, police it and we could all be faced with an intranet much like North Korea, where the only information you can find is the stuff that only the US government wants you to see! Imagine that!

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