Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Finally The EU Has A Use! Minimum Alcohol Pricing Madness!

Minimum Alcohol Prices Set For UK Drinkers?
I'm not very "pro" EU but today I might let the guard down for a while until this new piece of legislation proposed by the UK Government gets a decision, hopefully thrown out and smashed to pieces!

Mr David Cameron and his merry men are trying to push for a minimum pricing scheme on alcohol in a bid to try and crack down on antisocial behaviour, health issues and a few other things that they are concerned about, but to be honest here the only thing that they are looking to achieve is to raise more money and rape the UK public of every little saving that they have, that's how it normally works anyway!

But the problem here comes in the form of the European Union, and to me it's a good problem and may just stop the coalition government in their tracks! This legislation could indeed break EU rules when it comes to European competition rules.

Scotland MP's have been at the forefront of this idea for quite a while now, their drinking nation has been a ballache for them as lower income households are more concentrated and more abundant up north, Cameron as mentioned before backs this idea and wants to see it nationwide in a bid to make more money to support causes like the NHS etc.

Don't get me wrong, it's a worthy cause but to me it seems that the government are backed into a corner so much that they're now keen to do anything to raise cash, they've taxed the pubs in Britain to death, along with drivers and smokers, so they are most certainly running out of places to turn.

This doesn't seem much of a solution really but people who are for the cause will always argue that countries like Australia have made this work so then why can't we?
The problem is Australia have a better quality of life in my opinion, a bit of sunshine can go a long way, morale in the UK is at such a low, do the Great British public really need more beatings?

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