Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mother Nature Proves Once Again Just How Powerful She Is - Australian Train Washed Off Bridge

The above video looks like something out of a wartime movie but this is not terrorism or war, this is mass destruction caused by the natural world we live in!

A cyclone in Northern Australia which flooded the Edith River Bridge took away carriages and freight with somewhat ease!
Two drivers were aboard the train as it was trying to make a crossing in the abnormal weather, reports say that both men were airlifted to hospital but injuries etc are unknown.

Environmental authorities in the Northern Territory are believed to be investigating if chemicals from the 20-car iron ore train leaked in the flooded river.

It seems an ever increasing trend now that flooding and extreme weather is causing havoc each year but I am anti "global warming" if you like, I don't believe that this is a cause for what we see around us, mother nature does as it does, has done for years and will do for many more years to come!