Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bring Your Passport And A Utility Bill Along With Your Copper Wire And Lead Please Sir

Theft of Copper wire is one of the most sought after in the UK
A new scheme being piloted in the North East of England is set to try and stamp out the lucrative stolen metal trade in a bid to save the country around £8 billion per year!

I generally struggle to understand alot of the initiatives and legislation that the UK government sets up in Westminster but this one seems asif it's a good idea for a change!

The plans set out state that if you are going to take metal to a scrapyard then you must provide either your passport or drivers licence and a utility bill containing your name and full address.
The idea is that the government and council of the North East will get all 240 of their scrapyards to sign up and follow this out in a bid to get onto of this problem.

Metal theft has grown massively over the years and the recession really hasn't helped the situation, with more and more out of work looking to make a quick buck by stealing copper, lead or whatever they get their hands on to turn it into cash for scrap.

Churches and railway networks are the biggest victims here, churches normally for their abundance of lead and railways for the likes of copper wire etc.
And this isn't just down to individuals and thugs with a transit van, this is also rich pickings for organized gangs who go out on a daily basis and do this for a living.

I'm against this totally, I understand that people need to make money but seriously just go get a f*cking job! Churches are some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in the UK and it's sad to think hat these places have survived years and years, world wars and mother nature, yet some chav comes along and destroys the place!
Disgusting..... And I hope this scheme works and it gets rolled out all across the UK, nevermind the inconvenience to the average customer at a scrapyard having to take his paperwork, let's just get this crappy theft stopped!


  1. Metal thieves are f*cking retarded man. I hope the scheme works out as well.

  2. that's true... I work at an electric power company, and the cooper/aluminium theft is simply ridiculously high, even though it's dangerous as f***

  3. shame more of them don't electrocute themselves

  4. Wow. I've had people attempt to steal from my old house that's up for sale. UGH...