Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pro SOPA US Congress Guilty Of Downloading Pirated Material And Porn? ohmygawd.jpg!

US Officials love crap like this, but are they guilty themselves?

Ok here's an interesting story to come out tonight, and one that I'm quietly laughing to myself about, ohhh I love these awkward moments when it comes to politicians and their inevitable blunders!

There's been a site banging around for a while now that can trace what torrents you have downloaded by looking up your IP address against a database the site has collected from various download sites, mainly piratebay. Well the good guys over at Torrentfreak have been doing a little fishing on this website and discovered that IP addresses belonging to the U.S. House of Representatives were found there, in a large number, over 800 different IP addresses infact!

Now a select few of you might be thinking "Maybe they download to check out other schtuffs and bust criminals!" Well in some instances you might be right, but when Torrentfreak delved further they discovered that many of the torrents downloaded were absolutely nothing to do with work and more in the interests of the individual on the pc at the time! Yes, you can see what torrents have been DL'd by the way, as you can see from the following picture! :
And yes, Gangland Cream Pie is indeed a pronz!
God bless them if this bill goes through, nothing like creating a rod for your own back!


  1. lol, that's ironic ain't that
    the hypocrisy of politicians is huge indeed