Monday, 26 December 2011

Godaddy Blunders Force Withdrawl Of Support For SOPA But Byedaddy.orgWon't Help Bob Parsons Much

Bob's newest worst enemy!

Twitter is ablaze at the moment with posts on just how much of a bad move Godaddy made last week, and just how much it's affecting their business.

CEO Bob Parsons made the cock up last week announcing that Godaddy supports the controversial SOPA bill and that he and his company gives the act their full backing, but the problem here is that 1, Bob hasn't got a clue about the internet, and 2, Bob hasn't got a fucking clue about the internet. Ironic how he is in control of one of the biggest online companies there is!

Following the lack of support and a danger of losing alot more business than they already have Godaddy released a statement on the 23rd of this month saying all of a sudden that they had done a uturn and no longer support SOPA, you can read the statement here:

In the last few days a new site called cropped up, allowing users to check to see if a site uses a Godaddy registered domain, according to some of the results that this new site has kicked out major sites like and are registered with them, although Wikipedia has said that it is planning to remove many of it's domains from Godaddy:

With this recent outcry amongst big names and big sites will the numpties within the US Government do the right thing and abandon this outrageous bill?

Reddit and Twitter are just the beginning, and without a doubt many more will follow in opposing this bill, afterall only a fool would approve it, ain't that right Bob?

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