Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Godaddy Stalling Domain Transfers? Surely Not!!

As the saga continues and the days get longer and harder for the big nobs up in Godaddy HQ, I myself have been watching in somewhat of disbelief as Twitter reveals speculations that Godaddy are slowing down the great domain exodus. 

"But surely they can't do this!!" I hear you cry?

Well wouldn't put it past them, they were about to sponsor this stupid SOPA bill afterall!

Webmasters seem somewhat pissed off at this naturally and the soapbox looks absolutely jampacked today as it was yesterday too:
As you can see every other comment on twitter right now seems to suggest that theres a bit of a conspiracy going on, that maybe Godaddy are doing all they can to hold on before the great Godaddy walkout which is scheduled for the 29th of this month.

Obviously Namecheap are keeping a strong foothold on the bandwagon, offering fleeing webmasters to sign up via them and saving money in the process! So looks like things are going from bad to very bloody worse for the world's biggest domain registrar!
Godaddy need to tread carefully, if indeed they are found out to be delaying the transferral of domain names then this does come with some dire consequences, consequences that really they could do without right now, surely they have climbed far enough up the ladder of shit publicity just lately?


  1. Im liking what i see ill definitely follow perhaps you could follow me!?

  2. I don't know how anyone can be pro-SOPA...
    well, the stupidity of people, hm?