Friday, 30 December 2011

Guys Don't Adjust Your TV Sets, You'll See The Fireworks Just Fine!

Ok so shoot me for not pulling out the most scandalous or shocking news story of the day but this one I read earlier on Sky News was worth a mention.
Pyrotechnics are pretty amazing really, there's a great deal of work and science that goes into the expensive displays that the vast majority of us love to watch.
To us it's a great thing to watch, but to the people who build and create them, it goes alot further than just worrying about if the crowd can see ok!

Countries around the world are beginning to realise the potential in having a great fireworks display on New Years Eve and the extra revenue it can pull in worldwide, I guess it's a bit like putting yourself on the map with thanks to the news companies that document the awesome displays.
So more concentration is being applied to ensure that tv audiences get just as good a show on their HD sets as the crowds are getting who are actually there in person!

So never fear, if you can't get to one of the major capitals of the world to see in the New Year with a bang then just turn your news channel on, make sure you have an HDMI socket and a couple of beers and rest assured that your gonna be watching so top notch fireworks this new years eve!!!


  1. Interesting read, I'm following for more informative posts like this. Happy New Years!

  2. Ive always loved fireworks, and this ones really amazing!

  3. It's an amazing thing to be honest, and I think as fireworks have been around for over a thousand years they wont be gone for a long time either.

  4. That display was pretty nice!

  5. Cool fireworks display. Pretty colors.