Monday, 25 March 2013

How many people are going to be voting for UKIP then?

Popularity is key - UKIP on the rise
Politics never really bothered me too much, but then I think as you get older you seem to take more of an interest for some reason, for me this definitely seems to be the case!

Lately I've become more and more interested in the state of the immigration system within the UK and the current attempts within the Conservative / Lib Dems rule to deal with the recession by various different means, including stripping the benefit system to it's bare bones.

Now tackling the benefit fraudsters is not a bad thing and quite rightly so, but to penalise pensioners and people that genuinely need help including the elderly is just disgusting.

Especially when you read cases of multiple Polish nationals claiming benefits in the UK for their multiple children back in their own homeland.... wtf is that all about?

But then again there is a saviour... or so it would seem.

UKIP are gaining popularity bigtime, with their anti EU views and priority of looking after the people that matter..... THE BRITISH PEOPLE!!

Hardly surprising that the other 3 parties are now quaking in their boots and now reacting to what UKIP are demanding.

Yesterday Cameron made comments about how he is going to tackle the growing culture of immigrants coming to this country and claiming benefits for job seekers allowance and many other freebies, about time?

Sorry Labour, Cons and Lib Dems....

Your too late and your spin and U turns are just plain boring.

UKIP could turn out to be the same if they were given power but what have we got to lose?
Might aswell give them a chance!
I know who I'm voting for

What about you?

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