Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hacked Cybercrime Conference Call Video

These are the stories we love, but for two of the most famous law enforcements in the world, namely the FBI and the UK's Metropolitan Police Force it's an embarrassment that won't be lived down too easily.

Taking place in mid January the two forces started a scheduled weekly conference call discussing the latest developments around cybercrime on the internet. but without realising that the guys they were talking about were actually listening in!

In the call they discussed certain individuals and aliases and the MET police went into great detail about certain criminals and what their plans were for the future.
Also whilst the call was taking place the MET officer decided to take it on himself to slag off Sheffield! Explaining to the US FBI agents how it isn't exactly the "Jewel in the Crown" for the UK. Classic!

I personally love these stories, and the embarrassment must be huge for these people involved!
The FBI have released a statement saying that they will track these criminals down, lol little too late maybe ;)


  1. Listened to that call yesterday, while they don't really say anything interesting it's pretty ridiculous how someone who wasn't supposed to be there got access.

  2. Haha, and I thought it was a huge security breakdown when ESPN or CNN has someone on the line that isn't the right person!

  3. It's hilarious that they released the cyber crime call. Kinda proves that if aliens existed, we would already know about them from the hackers listening in instead of the government. Or maybe I'm wrong.

  4. Screw the federal bastards of... something funny beggining with i!